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The Laurel Soap Bars From Lebanon - All Handmade & Natural

Savon Du Liban

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A unique smell, feel and lather that you wouldn't find somewhere else.

The Lather, or Foam

Wait to see how much it lathers! It gives a large foam in just a couple of rubs.

Whether for washing your hands, face or the whole body, these soap bars are what you're searching for: natural soaps that do not harm your skin, but on the contrary, they nourish it, hydrate it and give you a wonderful feeling after usage!

Only real ingredients inside!

Embark on a bubbly journey with these superb foaming soaps, handmade with lots of love and care!

Would you like some smooth, gentle exfoliation? Get the soap bars with real, dried flowers inside such as Lavender, Rose, Mint, Zhourat, Chamomile.

Main Oils Used

These soap bars are made using the finest of laurel oil (known for being antiseptic), olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil & sunflower oil

The Aromas & Main Benefits

  1. Lavender: With its fresh floral scent, this soap has a calming, healthy effect for you to start the day, or end it, you choose! Plus you'll smell so good!
  2. Rose: Excellent for dry and sensitive skin
  3. Mint: With its fresh scent, this soap gives you the refreshing boost to start the day! Plus you'll smell so good!
  4. Zhourat (mixed dried flowers): Revitalizes the skin
  5. Chamomile: Helps in relieving acne, wounds, cuts, burns, rashes, and even insect bites.
  6. Black Seed: Softens and moisturizes the body
  7. Musk: A strong, manly aroma that will make feel energized and refreshed all day long!
  8. Honey: Helps in skin whitening
  9. Extra Laurel (Additional laurel oil is used in making this soap!): Helps in the treatment of skin eczema & dry skin
  10. Oud
  11. Vanilla
  12. Coconut
  13. Coffee

The Sizes

Come in 2 standard sizes, Big & Medium: 

  • Big: L7.5 W4.5 H4 | 160g --->Perfect for the bath!
  • Medium: L7.5 W4.5 H2 | 80g--->Perfect for hand wash!

      Ingredients of the Savon Du Liban Laurel Soap Bar

      Ingredients: Laurel Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Perfumed Essence, Aqua

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