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Bubbly Julie

Wax Melts From Lebanon - Scent Your Home, Naturally

Wax Melts From Lebanon - Scent Your Home, Naturally

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Bubbly Julie Wax Melts are made with natural ingredients, nontoxic and a great way to scent your home naturally.

Soy wax, essential oil, spices and herbs are used to create beautiful scents!

How to Use the Melts

Place 1 -  2 wax melts in your burner and enjoy the scent!

You can reuse the wax melts already in the burner 2 - 3 times or you could change them every time.

Note: Burner not provided with the Wax Melts.

Proudly Handmade In Lebanon.

    Cleaning Your Burner

    Removing the wax is easy: when you light the candle the wax will soften and you can easily remove it to replace it with a new melt.


    Keep in the bag provided or in a decorative container.

    How to Buy

    Place your order online at Savon Du Liban and we'll handle the delivery to your doorstep!

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