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Baladi - The Traditional Lebanese Soap Collection

The Baladi Soap Bars Collection - Handmade in Lebanon with Olive Oil using Traditional Techniques inherited from our ancestors.

Types of Baladi Traditional Soap

The Soap Cube

 The most common and known type of Baladi soap, use it for everyday wash like bath, hands, vegetables, fruits or stains on your clothes!

The Baladi Fragrance-Free Loofah Soap

With a loofah integrated within the soap, and without any kind of fragrance added to it, this soap bar is a natural exfoliant for all skin types.

How to Buy

Just place your order online at Savon Du Liban and pay Cash on Delivery! We deliver all over Lebanon and international too.

Or get in touch through WhatsApp or Call on +961 71 770 872 or through the social media platforms @savonduliban!