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Saboun Baladi

The Traditional Lebanese Soap In Glass Jars - Natural Liquid Soap

The Traditional Lebanese Soap In Glass Jars - Natural Liquid Soap

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~~NEW : The Original plus Laurel Oil 20% is NOW AVAILABLE~~

The traditional soap is now liquid! Presented in a glass jar, it is handmade from pure olive oil following ancestral techniques that preserve the oil's numerous nutrients & vitamins, and is free from paraben and chemicals that cause irritation to the skin. 

For You

Use this Castile soap for face, hand and body wash and see for yourself how your skin becomes softer, healthier and better looking due to all the benefits the natural ingredients have to offer!

Why Liquid Soap in the First Place?

  • Hygiene: Although a soap bar is perfectly hygienic to use from a person to another, some people feel discomforted with that. So liquid soap is there for you!
  • A tidier bathroom: Soap bars tend lo leave traces - if you don't like that, then liquid soap is much better for you
  • Know: You, your family and your guests can still read what aroma it is, what brand, and all the info about the product that the manufacturer has put on the label. That's not doable with a bar of soap.
  • Very convenient to use.
  • No need for soap dish if you don't have space or simply like the simple landscape of your bathroom..


Available in its Original aroma, you could also get the liquid soaps with a twist of essential oils like Lavender, Rosemary, and Mint. And the newest addition: Original with Laurel Oil (20%).


Available in 2 sizes of glass jars:

  • Big: 1.5 Liters / 2.5 Kgs

  • Small with dispenser: 470 ml / 750g

Get the dispenser and refill it with the big jar.

Go Baladi, Go Natural!

Get your Saboun Baladi liquid soap online from Savon Du Liban and pick it up from Achrafieh. 

Also available for delivery at extra charge.

Made In Lebanon

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