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Savon Du Liban

Natural "Baladi" Liquid Soap from Lebanon

Natural "Baladi" Liquid Soap from Lebanon

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Just like the traditional olive oil soap bar you're used to, but liquid!

Are you tired of using harsh, chemical-laden liquid soaps that damage your skin and the environment? Are you struggling to find a natural and sustainable alternative that effectively cleans your clothes and produce?

The solution is here! Traditional Baladi Liquid Soap from Lebanon is handmade and natural, made with only the finest quality olive and coconut oils. Say goodbye to chemical detergents that leave harmful residue on your clothes and produce, and hello to a safe and effective cleaning solution.

With five amazing scents to choose from - Original, Jasmine, Lavender, Vanilla, and Tea Tree - this liquid soap provides a luxurious and refreshing bathing experience while being gentle on your skin. It's also perfect for cleaning tough stains from your clothes and washing your fruits and vegetables without the use of harsh chemicals.

Don't hesitate to switch to Traditional Baladi Liquid Soap from Lebanon for a natural and sustainable cleaning solution. Order now and experience the benefits of this handmade and natural soap for yourself! Your skin, clothes, and the environment will thank you for it!

The Sizes

1 Liter Press Bottle

Use it to wash the dishes, vegetables, clothes, ... or even for taking a shower (very recommended by the way) !

500ml Dispenser

Very suitable for hand wash. Place it on the sink and let the magic begin!

250 ml Press Bottle

Looks same as the 1 Liter bottle. Easier to carry and use, or if you'd like to try out the soap!

100 ml Press Bottle

Now this one is for walking around with you! Place it inside your bag and use it wherever you are outside your house. This is your own private bottle - you don't have to worry anymore if the soap bottle itself is infected, that's your own one.

How to Buy

Place your order online and pay cash on delivery in USD.

Savon Du Liban - Natural "Baladi" Liquid Soap from Lebanon

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