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Al Bohemia

Coconut Oil | For A Strong Hair & Moisturized Skin

Coconut Oil | For A Strong Hair & Moisturized Skin

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Get that sun-kissed skin you’ve always wanted this summer with our pocket sized multi purpose coconut oil from Al Bohemia!

And that's not all, use this same coconut oil to improve your hair growth!

Coconut Oil for A Superb Tan

Why Coconut Oil

First of all “moisturizing”: the fatty acids & vitamin E in this oil will form a protective layer on your skin and thus reduce its water loss keeping the skin moisturized even after tanning.

Last but not least coconut oil is known for its antimicrobial effects so you’ll be tanning safely.

How to Use Your Coconut Oil

Mix coconut oil with an equal amount of sunscreen in your palms and apply on skin.

An Extra Tip for a Glowing Long Lasting Tan


Prepare your skin few days before tanning to get a uniform appearance by exfoliating & removing dead skin cells with a scrub, loofah brush or loofah soap.

Coconut Oil for A Healthy Strong Hair

Did you know that you can use this same coconut oil to improve your hair growth?

Just apply it as a hair mask for half an hour before showering to get a healthy strong hair.


Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil , Solubilize, Fragrance

Volume: 200ml

Bottled in Lebanon.

How to Get Your Coconut Oil

Order your bottle online from Savon Du Liban and get it delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Lebanon.

You could call us or WhatsApp us anytime to place or to inquire about your order.

Pay cash on delivery.

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