The Charcoal Soap: 5 amazing benefits you did not know about!

The Charcoal Soap: 5 amazing benefits you did not know about!

Charcoal has been used in medicine for over thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used it to clean wounds, while the Hindus filtered their water with charcoal.

Want a reason to try charcoal soap? Here are 5:

  1. Treats dandruff and dry scalp: yes you can, and probably should, use it as a shampoo if you have a dry scalp or suffer from dandruff!
  2. Removes excess oil on your skin: Those suffering from oily skin (specially in summer) can rely on charcoal soap to reduce the excess oil, giving you the oil-free look and feel.
  3. Exfoliates the skin: Charcoal is an excellent exfoliant, removing the dead cells and toxins from the skin. It also helps in moisturizing the dry skin cases.
  4. Treats Eczema and Psoriasis: For those who suffer from these and other skin conditions, do not hesitate in using the charcoal soap as it remedies your skin and prevents these situations from occuring again.
  5. Fights against aging effects (our favorite): Charcoal soap, when used regularly, helps in reducing those wrinkles and gives that smooth, fresh look on your face!

 Give it a try! Go ahead and order it from Savon Du Liban, home of the handmade natural soaps from Lebanon.

Here is the link:

Enjoy it and let us know your feedback in the comments section below!

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