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Savon Du Liban

Soap Flower Bouquets - So Pretty & Everlasting!

Soap Flower Bouquets - So Pretty & Everlasting!

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Say It With Flowers ~ Handmade Soap Flowers ~

A Unique & Elegant Gift

❤Say "I Love You" and bring a Bouquet of Soap Flowers too!🌻💐🌷🌺

🎁A great gift for Valentine, Mother's Day or Any Day🎁

Is it Gorgeous 6, Magnificent Dozen or Majestic 24?

The Bouquet of Handmade Soaps

Made of soap, these handmade bouquets are carefully wrapped in Jute and Cellophane so you offer an elegant gift to your dear mom.

✅ Great Lavender Smell
✅ Large Variety of Flower Shapes
✅ No Maintenance Required

⚠️ How to Order

Please order in advance to have the bouquet ready for delivery or pickup.

You can order online and place a note for us upon checkout if you want to customize your bouquet. Otherwise we will proceed with the designs as per the images and try to replicate them as much as we can, depending on availability.


Get in touch on Instagram or Facebook - Send WhatsApp on 71 770 872.

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