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Artistic Natural Soap Pendants For Home Decor | Handmade With Finesse & Unique Touch

Savon Du Liban

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Great gift or simply for your home to decorate with natural soap pendants handmade with precision and care.

What Are These Soap Pendants Made Of?

To begin with, a top ring is at the start so to make it easier for you to hang the soap pendant on the wall. Then a series of beads of different sizes along with natural soap cubes follow. To end, there is either a metal bucket, a metal water can or a wooden butterfly shape.

What Are Soap Pendants For?

Decoration. Elegant Decoration. Whether you decorate your own home with it or gift it to someone, the soap pendant is not a common gift that you can find anywhere. It is carefully brought together by a thoughtful artisan to present you with a beautiful handmade home decor.

You can hang it on the wall in the living room, guest bathroom, the kitchen...

Do All the Pendants Look the Same?

No. Each pendant is unique. With different beads and different models of buckets, water cans or wooden butterflies, you will have a wide collection of pendants. Therefore they might differ from the pics you see here.

Get your Soap Pendant online at Savon Du Liban and we'll deliver it to your doorstep in a couple of days! You can pay cash on delivery.