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Baladi Liquid Castile Soap from Lebanon | The Refill by Savon Du Liban

Savon Du Liban

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Just like the traditional olive oil soap bar you're used to, but liquid!

From the mountains of Lebanon, the traditional soap making just got another twist: the Lebanese Baladi soap, made with excellent olive oil, has now turned to Liquid. With a bit of Coconut Oil for additional benefits and natural foam, this is your soap of choice for washing yourself (full body: from hair to toe) as well as your fruits, vegetables, your clothes (tough stains) and much more!

The Refill Options

  1. Bring your own container to the shop.
  2. We reuse an empty water bottle and you pick it from the shop, or we deliver it to your doorstep.

Reuse the plastic and save while reducing the impact on the environment!

Each liter is LL 28,000  for the Original and LL 37,000 for the Scented Soap - This is the base and is prorated according to the bottle you bring.


Offered in the wonderful smells of Lavender, Vanilla, Tea Tree, or Jasmine | All natural essential oils.

Or, if you prefer without any scent, get the Original (and enjoy the smell of the olive oil).

How to Buy

Place your order online and pay cash on delivery in LL at the rate indicated on the top of this page.

You can also pass by to pick up your order or to refill your own container. Get in touch through WhatsApp on 71 770 872.

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