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The Original Laurel Soap Bar - Natural & Handmade in Lebanon - With Extra Laurel Oil

Savon Du Liban

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A unique texture, feel and lather that you wouldn't find somewhere else. Also known as Aleppo or Castile soap, this is the traditional soap that has been used by our ancestors for a healthy life free of chemicals!

The Aleppo or Castile Soap Bar

The Extra Laurel - 25% of the oils mixture

Has more laurel oil (around 25%) known for being antiseptic and suitable for all kinds of skin for all the family!

The Lather, or Foam

Wait to see how much it lathers! It gives a large foam in just a couple of rubs.

Whether for washing your hands, face or the whole body, this soap bar saves you time and effort! 

Main Benefits of the Savon Du Liban Aleppo Soap Bar

With its fresh scent, this soap has a refreshing, rejuvenating & healthy effect for you to start the day, or end it, you choose! Plus you'll smell so good & natural!

  1. Helps to soften & moisturize the body
  2. Helps in the treatment of skin eczema & dry skin

Ingredients of the Savon Du Liban Extra Laurel Soap Bar

Extra Quantity of Laurel Oil, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Aqua

Dimensions (in cm) & Weight: 

  1. Big: L7.5 W4.5 H4 | 160g
  2. Medium: L7.5 W4.5 H2 | 80g

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