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MOM's Gift Boxes - Cozy & DUO

Savon Du Liban

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Get your MOM a cute gift box (15x15cm) that include an embroidered towel (Happy Mother's Day) and a sweet combination of natural handmade soap bars and soap shapes.

The Boxes


This cute box includes:

  1. Embroidered Towel 30x30 cm
  2. Two Jouri Soap Flowers (Handmade)
  3. One Soap Bar
  4. One Soap Bar Stamped MOM (Musk aroma)


This sweet box has:

  1. Embroidered Towel 30x30 cm
  2. Two Heart Shaped Soap (Handmade)
  3. Two Soap Bars

How to Order

Order online at and have it delivered to your doorstep. Pay cash on delivery in LL at the rate of 1,515.