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Traditional Baladi Soap Bars from Lebanon | Handmade & Natural

Savon Du Liban

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Baladi Soap Bars made from pure Olive Oil. What a foamy soap!

The Benefits

Wash your face, hands, and body as much as you want with a 100% handmade natural soap without any irritation, but on the contrary, you will:

  1. Nourish your skin
  2. Remove any bacteria, germ or virus 
  3. Help in healing any insect bite, wound or burn on your skin

The Sizes

Choose the Big, Medium or Small Soap:

  1. Big: 7x7x7 cm
  2. Medium: 6x6x6 cm
  3. Small: 7x7x2 cm

How to Get Your Baladi Soap

Buy online & pay cash upon delivery in Lebanese Lira at the rate of $1 = LL 1,500 or by credit card - We deliver all over Lebanon and to select international destinations (payment by credit card).