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Savon Du Liban

Grated Natural Soap In Bulk

Grated Natural Soap In Bulk

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Take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of the grated, natural soap from Lebanon!

What Is the Grated Soap for?


Fill in bags of your own and place them inside the closets and drawers and let it spread the lovely smells. Not only that, it will repel those tiny insects that eat up and damage your clothes.


Just pour some in a pot of water, stir a little to dissolve and here you go!

  1. Use it to clean your fruits and vegetables
  2. Clean the dishes
  3. Add to the laundry in the washing machine (NOT in the drawer) for extra cleaning and freshness

How Is The Grated Soap Made & What Are The Aromas?

Our grated soap is made from scratch by chopping a natural soap bar, and not from the leftover of the soap making. Therefore, you have the untouched conserved smell of the original soap: Green Tea, Jasmine, Coconut, Rose, plus the Unscented.

How Is the Grated Soap Sold?

In bags of 1 Kilogram each.

Made in Lebanon

Savon Du Liban - Grated Natural Soap In Bulk

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