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Savon Du Liban

Baladi Loofah Soap Bar With No Fragrance - Handmade in Lebanon

Baladi Loofah Soap Bar With No Fragrance - Handmade in Lebanon

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Natural Soap with Loofah inside with no fragrance, for sensitive skin! Enjoy a wonderful bath with this Spongy Soap!

A 3-in-1 Soap Bar

Made with Olive & Coconut Oils, this Spongy Soap is Exfoliant, Practical, & For All Skin Types.

  1. Exfoliant: Removes dead skin cells easily since the loofah (Sponge) is integrated within, giving you extra ability to pressure locally on your skin, one area at a time
  2. Practical: since it has the loofah inside it, this soap bar is ideal for travel or light packing, like hitting the gym or after the beach, where you could save the space usually occupied by the loofah itself.
  3. For All Skin Types: Since it is fragrance-free, you could use it safely on your skin whatever type it is, with no fear of allergy.

Available Colors for the Spongy Soap

Choose your favorite color combination - Add as many as you want from the same color or make a mix!

  1. White & Purple
  2. White & Pink
  3. White & Aqua
  4. White & Nude
  5. White & Yellow

Approximate Dimensions & Weight

This natural soap measures around 9x6x2 cm and weighs about 100 g.

How to Buy

Get it now online from Savon Du Liban & we'll deliver it to your doorstep in a couple of days!

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