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Savon Du Liban

Baladi Loofah Soap Bar - Handmade in Lebanon

Baladi Loofah Soap Bar - Handmade in Lebanon

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Natural Soap with Loofah inside! Enjoy a wonderful bath with this Spongy Soap!

A 2-in-1 Soap Bar

Imagine stepping into a world of luxury and pampering right in your shower!

Made with Olive & Coconut Oils, this Spongy Soap is Exfoliant, Practical, & For All Skin Types.

Hold onto your shower cap, because we're talking about a Lebanese handmade soap that's not just soap. It's a genius 2-in-1 creation with a loofah sponge tucked inside. Yep, you heard it right!

Now, imagine having the power of exfoliation and cleansing in one compact bar. It's like having a mini spa wherever you go. Whether you're jetting off on a trip, hitting the beach, gym, or treating yourself to a spa day, this soap is your new BFF.

So, don't miss out on this practical slice of luxury. Grab this Lebanese wonder and simplify your life, one shower at a time. Get ready to save space in your travel bag and elevate your skincare routine with the ultimate 2-in-1 experience! Your skin will thank you later.

Approximate Dimensions & Weight

This natural soap measures around 9x6x2 cm and weighs about 100 g.

How to Buy

Get it now online from Savon Du Liban & we'll deliver it to your doorstep!

Savon Du Liban - Baladi Loofah Soap Bar - Handmade in Lebanon

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