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Savon Du Liban

Scrub Soap Bars - Oat & Walnut

Scrub Soap Bars - Oat & Walnut

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Indulge in the ultimate exfoliating experience with our Scrub Soap Bars in Oat and Walnut. The oat scrub, infused with peach rose and musk, gently removes dead skin cells, while the walnut scrub, with its invigorating bergamot rose and patchouli scent, leaves you feeling refreshed. Each bar is a perfect 7x7x2 cm and weighs 110 grams.

Order now online and pay cash on delivery or using your card online. You can also place your order online and pass by Achrafieh to pick it up.

Savon Du Liban - Scrub Soap Bars - Oat & Walnut

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