Inside Lebanon $1 = LL 5,000 - Cash on Delivery in LL | Outside Lebanon Pay With Your Credit Card & Have It Delivered Wherever You Are ! **IMPORTANT NOTE: LIQUIDS CANNOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE LEBANON**

Savon Du Liban - Handmade Soap Bars, Soap Shapes & Much More

Savon Du Liban brings you its own branded soap collection, all from Lebanon, Handmade and Natural. All our products are free from chemicals and preservatives and are made with the best oils and natural ingredients.

Find everything related to natural soap, from Lebanon:

  1. Soap Bars
  2. Liquid Soap
  3. Shaped Soaps
  4. Stamped Soap
  5. Soap Arrangements
  6. Gift Sets
  7. Loofah Soaps
  8. Grated Soaps
  9. Soap Flowers
  10. Soap Scrubs
  11. Embroidered Towels

And much more!

Enjoy shopping at Savon Du Liban! Just place your order online or call us for any customization needed.